Starting at $65 USD


Starting at $95 USD



Starting at $150 USD



Starting at $45


Ref Sheets

Starting at $90 USD


Starting at $45 USD EA

Flat Colors - $65+ USD

Inks & Colors

Inking and Coloring of Characters of your choosing. Comes with Simple Background!

Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs.

Turnaround time:  1 Day - 1+ Weeks

Shading - $95+ USD

Popular Choice!

An Rendered Piece

Having Shadows and highlights and more attention put into details.

Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs

Turnaround time:  1 week - 1+ months 


  • Cel Shade $95

  • Basic Shading $100

  • Full Shading $150

  • Comic Shading $150

  • Complicated BGS $5-35

Specify Thin or Thick lines!


Paintings - $150+ USD


  • Bust $150

  • FullBody $200

  • Full scene $300+

  • Deluxe Detail rendering + $100

Fully Rendered Piece, done in an professional Illustration style. 

Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs

Attention to Detail.

Turnaround time:  2 weeks - 1+ months 

Add-ons & More! 

Not a One trick Gryphon!

Baja can provide add-ons to your Commission, illustrate in different stylings ,formats, and more!

Reference sheets - $75+ USD


Make your Character Come to Life!

An Important piece of  Character Artwork, that shows how your Character appears in 1 or more angles often used to Commission other Art peices or for your own enjoyment. These pieces act as model sheets having important notes how the character is drawn,Colors (to have consistent colors in future Commissions or our own work, and other tidbits here and there.

You can additonally also have Props, Outfits, Pets, styles,etc these would be additonal Add-ons

An Visual Reference is Required,

if one is'nt submitted It will be Considered an Character Design Commission 

Previous artworks with your character, Picrew, PonyTown, or just an doodle in MS Paint. 

What's Included? 

Every Reference Sheet Includes

  • Character's Name & Pronouns

  • Color Pallete 

  • Important Drawing Details Box

  • Character Owner's Name ( "Name" belongs to "Owner" 

  • 2-3+ Flat Colored Illustrations (Depending on the package) 


- .PSD for Slight Edits to your Character 

- Outfits 

- Additonal Poses

- Props & Prop Poses

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baja ref 2021

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Reference Mini $75+

  • One Side Perspective 

  • Front View Headshot

Reference Basic $110+

  • Two Views

(EX: Front & Side, Front & 3/4, ETC 

Full Reference $150+

  • Three Views

Character Design $130+

  • Includes Front & Back Reference


Other Services

Not all options are listed online, Baja is always open to new projects! I only join Paid Projects at this time.

Send an Email to if you are interested in hiring me for your Projects.

Pin Ups

An highly character focused piece, designed more like an poster. A pinch of risqué.


  • Fully Rendered $200

  • Additional Characters $100 EA 

What else? 

Experienced in

  • Youtube/Video Thumbnails

  • Artwork for Animation

    • Prop Design​

    • Background Painting

  • Motion Graphic Animation

  • Book/Novel Illustrations
    • Style Suited for Children Books.
  • ​Voiceover
  • Style Emulation
  • Product Design


Badges are often used as self expression often at conventions. 


  • Laminated (Bust) $60

  • Laminated (Fullbody) $100 EA 

  • Acryilc Badge 5 inches (headshot) $150