Custom Illustrations

Custom works of art catered to you! Got a character itching for a ref sheet or just wanting a vision come to life here's the place!

Commissions tend to Open once a month or once every few months. with highly Limited Slots  

Commissions can take a few days to a week or a few months depending on the length of a Queue, higher quality, and to how complex the work may be.

 I don't charge until you approve of the rough sketch so don't worry about not having funds right away. I can provide a multitude of different services and styles if I can fit for your job please email me or send me an Inquiry on the site so we can work it out.

     Before Commissioning you must read the entirety of my Terms of Service (TOS)

                          if you get a commission that is valued at ($100 and above)

        You'll be signing a contract (signed consent) before the payment process has begun.

 EXTRA CHARACTERS 50% of the Commission type.

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Sketches - $40 USD

The Foundations


  • Shaded (Single Tone)  +$5

  • Colored +$10

  • Harch sketch Style

  • Soft Sketch style 

Eligible Patreon Discount

Turnaround time:  1 Day - 1 Week 

Flat Colors - $65 USD

Inks & Colors

Inking and Coloring of Characters of your choosing. Comes with Simple Background!

Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs.


  • Greyscale $45

  • Lineless $70

Turnaround time:  1 Day - 1+ Weeks

Eligible Patreon Discount

Shading - $95 -$150 USD

Popular Choice!


  • Cel Shade $95

  • Basic Shading $100

  • Full Shading $150

  • Comic Shading $150

  • Complicated BGS $5-35

Specify Thin or Thick lines!

An Rendered Piece

Having Shadows and highlights and more attention put into details.

Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs


Turnaround time:  1 week - 1+ months 

Eligible Patreon Discount


Paintings - $200+ USD


  • Bust $150

  • FullBody $200

  • Full scene $300+

  • Deluxe Detail rendering + $100

Fully Rendered Piece, done in an professional Illustration style. 

Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs

Attention to Detail.

Turnaround time:  2 weeks - 1+ months 

Eligible Patreon Discount


Add-ons & More! 

Not a One trick Gryphon!

Baja can provide add-ons to your Commission, illustrate in different stylings ,formats, and more!


Reference Sheets

+ Character Design

A piece that is used to commission other artists & makes it easier to draw your character. Please provide an Basic Visual Reference.


  • Reference Mini - One Side + Front headshot  $75

  • Reference Basic - 2 views $110

  • Full Sheet - 3 Views $150
    • Props/Clothing/ separate posing may add Additional Costs 

    • Complicated Characters may add Additional Costs

  • Add On - .PSD (for updating pre-existing character details only!) +$30

Character Design $130+

Includes Front & Back Reference Sheet.

baja ref 2021
baja ref 2021


more soon
more soon

baja ref 2021
baja ref 2021


Eligible Patreon Discount


Emoticons, that can be used on streaming and messaging platforms.


  • Emote $40 EA

    • Buy 5 get 1 Half off ($20)

Animated Server Icon

(You provide Pre-existing assets) 
Creating an animated Stinger (Motion Graphics) For you and to represent your Community.


  • Animation $30

Thumbnail/Video Artwork

Illustrations made to promote your video, or to add some Visual Flare


  • This is discounted to Content Creators Send a form for a quote!


Pin Ups

An highly character focused piece, designed more like an poster. A pinch of risqué.


  • Fully Rendered $200

  • Additional Characters $100 EA 


YCH (Your Character here)

Illustrations made w/an template created by Baja. These are not Templates to use for your or others artworks. 


An Icon that can be used on all social media platforms!


  • Icon $40 EA

  • PNG Tuber Add-on $2 

What else? 

Not all options are listed online, Baja is always open to new projects! I only join Paid Projects at this time.

Send an Email to if you are interested in hiring me for your Projects.

Experience in

  • Artwork for Animation

    • Prop Design​

    • Background Painting

  • Motion Graphic Animation

  • Book/Novel Illustrations
    • Style Suited for Children Books.
  • ​Voiceover
  • Style Emulation
  • Product Design

Custom Items $30+

An Physical Item customized just for you!

I can provide an array of customized products.

Anything not listed here? Feel free to submit a form choosing the "Custom" Option!


"TP" Means Tester price only available to the first or first few commissioners of that type. it's discounted


Doesn't Include S&H

  • Acrylic Charms 3' $65 (Shaded)  (TP: $45) 

    • Acrylic Badges 5' $110  (Headshot) (TP: 50)

    • Laminated Badge $100 (TP $50)


Doesn't Include S&H

  • Facemasks $30 (TP: $25) 

    • Hoodies Pullover $150 

    • Hoodies Zip up $165

    • Shirt (All over design) $80 USD (TP $50)   

Other Goodies

 Doesn't Include S&H

  • Pin Up Pillow $200 (Artwork + Body pillow cover)

  • Bookmark $15 (Pre-existing artwork) 

  • Stickers (Custom quote) 

  • Hand Painted Animation Cel $120 (TP: $100)

  • 3D mousepads (min QTY 20)     

  • Blanket $40 (Pre-existing artwork) (TP $35)

+ More to Come! 

BlackJack Daki for Lunarshine
BlackJack Daki for Lunarshine

Digital Painting
Digital Painting


BlackJack Daki for Lunarshine
BlackJack Daki for Lunarshine